August 27-31, 2018

We are giving away critiques from outstanding publishing professionals to marginalized creators who hope to participate in October 2018's #DVpit event. As industry insiders, we understand that it’s not always about that 280-character pitch; your query letter and pages also have to shine! It is our hope that with a critique, you’ll be able to deliver even stronger submission materials to agents and editors who fave your tweets in April. More than that, we hope that the extra insight will be helpful to creators as they continue to develop and improve their work beyond #DVpit.

All donors have agreed to return their critiques 1-3 weeks from receipt. To enter the giveaways, entrants must have a Twitter account, with which they will retweet and reply to the relevant “giveaway” tweets per the below schedule. Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, August 31, and notified via Twitter DM over the weekend with instructions on how to claim their critique. Critiques will vary by donor: some offer query critiques, first five pages critiques, or submission package critiques (i.e. query letter plus the first five pages). Winners are not able to choose a specific donor.

We will run the giveaways on the @DVpit_ Twitter account per the following schedule. The giveaway tweet for each category will be posted at noon ET on the relevant day.

Tuesday, August 28 2018: Children’s, i.e. Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade

Wednesday, August 29 2018: Young Adult

Thursday, August 30 2018: Adult Fiction & Nonfiction

Here are all the amazing donors participating in this Fall's #DVpit critique giveaway!


Tuesday, August 28 2018


Wednesday, August 29 2018


Thursday, August 30 2018