Notes for Agents, Editors, and Participating Writers

The pitch event is free and public on Twitter and any agents/editors that would like to participate are free and welcome to do so. Participating agents and editors will not be officially listed here for this #DVpit, but you can see and follow some of the participants on the @DVpit_ Twitter lists.

To see the agents that will to request material, click here.

To see the editors that can consider unagented material and will to request, click here.

To see the editors that cannot consider unagented material but will be retweeting to boost and support (NOT to request), click here.

Participating writers, as always, please remember there is no obligation to submit your work to anyone you don’t want to.

Agents/Editors: Please note that there are two dates on which #DVpit will take place. Agents/editors that represent/acquire both kids/teen and adult projects are welcome to participate on both dates, or else on only one date relevant to their lists. Please refer to the About page for more information.

For agents and editors that ARE able to consider un-agented submissions: Follow the hashtag #DVpit on the date(s) of the event, and “favorite” any pitches you are interested in seeing more of. Before favoriting anything, please tweet out how you want to be contacted by writers whose pitches you faved and what exactly they should send to you. Writers will refer back to your timeline for submission instructions.

For editors that are UNABLE to consider un-agented submissions: If you are interested in participating in some way, you are welcome on the #DVpit feed to retweet pitches that you would like to see when agented or just want to boost to the agents on the feed.

Important note to participating writers: Please do NOT submit your material to an editor who retweets your pitch. Retweets are only to support/boost to agents on the feed and to show interest in seeing the project down the line (when it’s gotten an agent). These editors are absolutely unable to consider your work without an agent, per their house policies.

To be clear: A means request. A retweet means support.

Please do not confuse a retweet for a request. The editors that will be retweeting are not requesting your material. Editors don’t normally participate in these events because of their company rules, and I don't want participating writers to disregard those rules and put them in an awkward position of having to respond to direct pitches or unsolicited materials. Only send your materials to the agents/editors that request specifically by ing!